• Stronger than concrete.
    25% of the weight.
  • Ideal in every environment.
    Including Mother Nature’s.
  • All of our products are 100% manufactured in Australia and are 100% asbestos free.

Doing what can’t be done.

In a world first, we did what others thought couldn’t be done. Using a 3D scanner, a German robotic arm and GRC, we moulded this artists’ drawings into seven to-scale sculptures of Melbourne icons. Seeing Monument Park in the Docklands cements just how versatile this material is. Learn how GRC helped turn dreams into reality

We are Australia’s leading manufacturer of GRC and GFRC solutions. Challenging and inspiring briefs are our bread and butter.

Making Melbourne Memorable.

Ever strolled through the Shrine of Remembrance and admired the textured stairwell of the galleries? That’s GRC you’re looking at – it has the look and feel of traditional concrete, but is lighter and easy to work with, making it the perfect alternative. Learn why GRC was a match made in heaven for this Melbourne icon

We offer project management, design, production, installation, delivery and even work with robotics. We can do it all.

Setting Benchmarks.

Say goodbye to heavy concrete and stone – GRC is the future when it comes to smooth, join-free kitchen bench tops that are sophisticated in both design and functionality. The material’s versatile nature means the bench tops can be designed to any specifications, and can include integrated sinks – the possibilities are huge. Learn how else GRC can revolutionise in the home