Living Carlton


Hacer Group


Corner Palmerston and Canning Streets, Carlton
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Hacer Group was searching for an environmentally friendly solution to foster community within their sustainable residential complex, Living Carlton.

GRC Environments used glass reinforced concrete to do just this, promoting the fact that GRFC has a lower environmental impact than comparable building materials.

How we answered the brief

The client wanted us to construct seating in Living Carlton to provide a place to take a break outdoors while fostering a relaxing social space. We made five architecturally designed seats from GRC. These elongated, contemporary benches have become part of the landscape and are artistic installations in their own right, characterised by geometric angles and intricate details – all made possible by glass reinforced concrete.

How and why GRC was used

GRC was used due to its lightweight nature and durability. The seats disguise air vents that would otherwise be blemishes on the landscape, plus concrete would have been too heavy for this particular application. The GRC seats are supported by a steel frame . Constructed from naturally occurring materials, glass reinforced concrete is also in line with the environmental approach of Living Carlton.

The team involved

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    Steve Fennell

    Managing Director

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    Gino Giacobbe


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    Sam Dawes

    Boiler Maker

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    Paul Dennis

    Supervisor and Mould Maker

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    John Farley


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    Luke Giacobbe

    Robot Guru

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    Billy Nicholson

    Floor Manager

Our principals have worked in the building industry since 1995 and are leaders in GRC/GFRC use in Australia. Meet the crew

Our project partners

Thanks to our partners, Daryl Jackson Architecture for their help in this project.