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176 Furlong Road, St Albans
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When Hooker Cockram came to GRC Environments, they were after something that would give Sunshine Hospital a little extra shine without hiding the fact that it is indeed a hospital.

Glass reinforced cement was used to create that detail, demonstrating the concrete alternative’s lightweight flexibility in the process.

How we answered the brief

Hooker Cockram wanted to add some texture to the side of the building that complemented its contemporary but professional aesthetic. GRC Environments helped inject some personality into the side of The Sunshine hospital using 44 glass reinforced cement panels made from a single, cost-efficient mould.

How and why GRC was used

GRC was employed in this project because of its lightweight nature. Concrete panels of similar proportions would have been far too heavy when fastened to the side of the building. To create the striking, patterned effect we alternatively rotated each panel 180 degrees before installation. The use of one mould to achieve the desired outcome also minimised expenses for the client.

The team involved

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    Steve Fennell

    Managing Director

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    Gino Giacobbe


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    Luke Giacobbe

    Robot Guru

Our principals have worked in the building industry since 1995 and are leaders in GRC/GFRC use in Australia. Meet the crew

Our project partners

Thanks to our partners, Charles Rickard Engineers and Health Architects for their help in this project.